The Romneys are apparently taking the whole Pierre Delecto kerfuffle in stride.

Tagg Romney, the eldest son of Mitt and Ann Romney and a Belmont resident, tweeted a photo of two members of the Romney clan getting ready for Halloween on Thursday morning, with one of his children dressing as Pierre Delecto, poking fun at his grandfather’s formerly-secret Twitter account.

The young Romney’s interpretation of what Delecto might look like included a beret, sunglasses, a tuxedo, and a fancy moustache. In case any further explanation was needed, on his nametag was “Pierre Delecto,” below a crossed out “Mitt Romney.”

The secret Twitter account of the elder Romney, who represents Utah in the US Senate, was recently exposed by Slate after Romney dropped hints about it to a reporter for the Atlantic.


Ashley Feinberg, who also sleuthed out James Comey’s secret Twitter account, pieced it together by searching through the follower lists of some of the lesser-known members of the sprawling Romney family, ultimately finding an account with the name “Pierre Delecto” that followed a number of Romney family members, Romney political advisers, Boston-based journalists, conservative pundits, and other Boston celebrities.

The account’s few posts also included a suspicious number of polite tweets that defended the former Massachusetts governor.

“C’est moi,” Romney told the Atlantic’s McKay Coppins, when confronted with the evidence.

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