Mitt Romney's record

Globe coverage of the past and policies of the former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential candidate.

Mitt Romney

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Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is the Republican presidential candidate who hopes to unseat President Barack Obama in the November elections. In this section, the Globe takes a thorough look at Romney's record on a wide range of issues, his time in the private sector, and the policies he plans to pursue if elected.

Governor Romney signed the state health care overhaul bill into law to much fanfare at a Faneuil Hall ceremony in 2006.


Romney and health care: In the thick of history

The former governor has faced a fusillade from the right for the Mass. law. But a look back shows why he can’t, and won’t, back away. It was an amazing political feat, and no one’s role was bigger than his.

Recent coverage


// Why Mitt Romney lost

For all the similarities between father and son, as a candidate George Romney was undisciplined and unbudging. Mitt, meanwhile, was controlled and exquisitely adaptive.

Romney, Obama both now lay claim to mantra of ‘change’

The final pitches of President Obama and Mitt Romney illustrate the shifting terrain of both the race and the economy.

Grant Bennett said Mitt Romney takes his church responsibilities seriously.

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Belmont at home with Romneys

The quiet community where Mitt Romney has lived since 1971 has gotten used to the commotion of his celebrity, and many people in town have a Romney story.

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Romney book

// The Real Romney

Information about the definitive biography of Mitt Romney, written by Scott Helman and Michael Kranish of The Boston Globe.

Education policy

Republican Mitt Romney opposed bilingual education during his campaign for Massachusetts governor in 2002

Mitt Romney’s education record was mixed

A review of Romney’s efforts as governor to impose changes on Mass. public schools reveals a wide disconnect between what he says on the stump and what he accomplished.

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Hidden video controversy

Romney and religion

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