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Massachusetts residents will be asked to vote yes or no on four ballot questions on Nov. 4.

QUESTION 1 asks voters if they want to eliminate the requirement that the state's gas tax be adjusted annually based on the Consumer Price Index.
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QUESTION 2 asks voters to expand the state's bottle deposit law.
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QUESTION 3 asks voters whether they want to repeal the state's casino law.
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QUESTION 4 would entitle Massachusetts workers to earn and use sick time.
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What to know about the Mass. ballot questions

Mass. residents will be asked to vote yes or no on four ballot questions on Nov. 4. Here’s what you need to know before you vote.

Jose Lopez, 23, (left) and his father, Reynabel Lopez, 46, of Allston looked through a dumpster in Brighton for cans and bottles to redeem for cash.
Reynabel Lopez, collecting bottles from a dumpster in Brighton, regularly patrols the city for recyclable cans and bottles. An expanded deposit law would benefit those who collect.

Expanded bottle bill would turn more trash into more cash

The poor would benefit from the ability to collect and redeem more unclaimed bottles for deposits.

// Sick leave measure divides workers, businesses

In November, Mass. voters will weigh in on a plan to let workers earn sick time.

// Casino repeal faces long odds

In many ways, the climate for casino repeal activists couldn’t be better. But their ballot measure faces long odds at the polls.

Voter information

Election Day

November 4, 2014. Polls are open 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


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