The Trump administration

Trump pushes for vote Friday on health bill

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday.

President Trump threatened to leave Obamacare in place and move on to other issues if Friday’s vote fails.

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Live updates

// ‘We’ll be living with Obamacare,’ Ryan says

President Trump spoke from the Oval Office Friday after the health care bill was withdrawn.

// Revised GOP health bill saves less money than original, number of uninsured stays the same

The Congressional Budget Office said changes made to win House votes have cut the measure’s deficit reduction by more than half.

// Here are some photos of Trump pretending to be a truck driver

President Trump climbed into the driver’s seat of an 18-wheeler, pumping his fists, grabbing onto the steering wheel, and honking the vehicle’s horn.

Ground Game

// A growing movement would force presidential candidates to release tax returns

Politicians in 25 states, including Massachusetts, are considering legislation that would require such disclosures.


// Is that Trump or Chevy Chase?

He’s president, and you’re not.

// Senate votes to undo privacy rules that protect user data

The Republican-led Senate moved Thursday to undo Obama-era internet service regulations.

// White House on health care bill: ‘Negotiations are over’

President Trump threatened to leave ‘‘Obamacare’’ in place and move on to other issues if Friday’s vote on health care fails.

Opinion | Indira A.R. Lakshmanan

// Through the looking glass with Trump and Nunes

Rep. Devin Nunes has compromised the intelligence committee’s investigation into President Trump.

// Trump administration orders tougher screening of visa applicants

The administration is demanding new security checks before giving visas to tourists, business travelers, and relatives of US residents.

// The Patriots will visit the White House in April

The Super Bowl champions are scheduled for April 19, the White House announced.

// House intelligence committee chair apologizes to Democrats after disclosure

Representative Devin Nunes publicly defended his decision to openly brief the president on typically secret intercepts.

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Debate underway as health bill heads for House vote

Debate on the bill began as the House steered toward a climactic vote Friday on the Republican health care overhaul.

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