Senators have deal on health subsidies, and Trump supports it

Senators Patty Murray, a Democrat, and Lamar Alexander, a Republican, agreed to outlines for a health care compromise.

Andrew Harnik/Associated Press

The president insisted, though, that he’d move forward to repeal Barack Obama’s signature health law.

// Judge in Hawaii blocks Trump travel ban hours before it was to begin

A federal judge said the ban, which was to take effect Wednesday, ignores an earlier ruling that the move exceeds President Trump’s authority.

// Day after McCain’s emotional speech, Trump warns, ‘I fight back’

Senator John McCain questioned ‘‘half-baked, spurious nationalism’’ in America’s foreign policy on Monday.

If President Trump wants to fatten the paychecks of working Americans, there are more direct approaches than cutting corporate taxes.

Evan Horowitz | Quick Study

If Trump’s corporate tax cuts won’t help the middle class, what would?

There are many more direct ways to benefit individuals than cutting corporate taxes.


Partisanship in 2017 means civil war for both parties

The long-simmering feuds between Republicans and Democrats have now seeped into the parties themselves, with factions fiercely fighting within each side.

// Sean Spicer questioned by Mueller’s Russia investigation team

Robert Mueller team’s meeting with Spicer suggests the special prosecutor is ramping up interviews with the Trump White House inner circle.

// Lawmaker calls on Koh to return donation from Jared Kushner’s brother

Joshua Kushner, who attended college with Dan Koh, donated $2,700 to his campaign for the state’s 3rd congressional district seat.

// Families of the fallen say a president’s words do matter

The grieving parents of fallen soldiers do not forget the personal condolences of a commander in chief.

// Bernie Sanders is coming to Somerville on Monday

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont will visit Somerville next Monday to endorse candidates running for local office.

More political news

Corporations to keep tax break lost by millions of Americans

Millions of Americans would lose a prized tax break under President Donald Trump’s sweeping revamp of the tax code, but corporations would get to keep it.

Trump reverses course on emerging Senate health care deal

The bipartisan Senate deal to curb the growth of health insurance premiums is reeling after President Donald Trump reversed course and opposed the agreement.

Senate moves ahead on GOP budget that’s key to taxes

The nonbinding budget plan would permit Republicans to pass follow-up tax cuts later this year that would cost up to $1.5 trillion over the coming decade.

Senators have deal on health subsidies, and Trump supports it

The president insisted, though, that he’d move forward to repeal Barack Obama’s signature health law.

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