Spicer resigns as Scaramucci named communications chief

White House Press secretary Sean Spicer.

The shake-up comes as President Trump is suffering from dismal approval ratings and struggling to advance his agenda.

Incoming White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci blew a kiss at his first press briefing.

Trump’s new communications director has Boston-area ties

As of Friday, you can find him in the West Wing, but Anthony Scaramucci spent his formative years in the Boston area.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

Ground Game

Sean Spicer is out. Now what?

Amid a string of humiliating moments that were the hallmark of Sean Spicer’s short tenure, this one was, apparently, the final straw.

One US official said that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has provided ‘‘misleading’’ statements that are ‘‘contradicted by other evidence.’’

Matt Rourke/Associated Press

Sessions discussed Trump campaign-related matters with Russian ambassador, report says

The accounts from ambassador Sergey Kislyak are contrary to public assertions by the embattled attorney general.

President Trump has discussed with his lawyers what options might be available to him, including pardoning himself or members of his family, the Washington Post reported Thursday night.

Does Trump have the power to pardon himself?

Richard Nixon’s attorneys tried to answer that same question more than four decades ago.

Senators and their aides discussed the 1868 impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson in this drawing.

US Senate Historical Society via Associated Press

From Andrew Johnson to Nixon, Massachusetts has historic impeachment role

The Commonwealth has a tradition when it comes to commanders-in-chief: deposing them. Or at least trying really hard to.

Victoria Reggie Kennedy at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum before the 2017 Profile in Courage award ceremonies in May.

McCain’s strength ‘will see him through this battle with cancer,’ says Victoria Reggie Kennedy

Kennedy offered encouragement to John McCain, who has been diagnosed with the same cancer that claimed the life of her husband.

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Doctors group tells Senate to stop health law repeal effort

It wants the Senate to work on improvements that would increase patients’ access to quality care.

Does Trump have the power to pardon himself?

Richard Nixon’s attorneys tried to answer that same question more than four decades ago.

Political Happy Hour: July 21, 2017

Political Happy Hour: Spicer out | Baker to RGA | ‘Political payback and whatnot’

Live now: White House press briefing

Friday’s briefing comes after the resignation of press secretary Sean Spicer.

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