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More than 100 live scorpions destined for US seized by French customs

The scorpions were hidden in two shipments from Cameroon to the US, perhaps destined for sale on the Internet.

Unity, Maine

College researchers discover new microscopic organism

A team of researchers from Unity College has discovered a new species of tardigrade, a microscopic organism known for its ability to survive extreme conditions.

Scientists cautious as NASA announces new Mars findings

“I have low expectations of extant life,” one said after NASA provided the “strongest evidence yet” that water now exists on the planet.

NASA detects liquid water on Mars

The findings offer an explanation for peculiar, long streaks that sometimes appear on sloping Martian terrain.

Live video: NASA discusses Mars water discovery

NASA is announcing what it is calling a “major science finding” in the agency’s exploration of Mars.

Supermoon plus eclipse equals rare sky show Sunday night

Get ready for a rare double feature this weekend: a total lunar eclipse and a so-called supermoon.


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