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SpaceX holiday delivery arrives at space station

A SpaceX delivery full of Christmas goodies arrived at the International Space Station on Saturday, following a slight delay caused by a communication drop-out.

Greatest mass extinction in Earth’s history is traced to global warming. Could we be in for a repeat?

Scientists think they’ve figured out the falling dominoes that led to Earth’s largest mass extinction and worry that human-caused climate change puts the planet on a vaguely similar path.

From a deceased woman’s transplanted uterus, a birth

A woman who received the uterus has given birth to a healthy child, researchers in Brazil said. It is the first such birth to be reported.

Greenland ice sheet is melting more than it has in centuries, scientists say

Scientists say the amount of meltwater running off of the Greenland ice sheet has increased in modern times because of climate change, and rapid increases could be ahead.

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A global collection of hair; a Q&A on Mount Desert Island

Peter A. Browne, a 19th-century naturalist, put together samples from animals and men and women from around the globe

Harvard scientists have a new look at RNA and how life may have begun on Earth

One theory of how life began on Earth is that non-living chemicals reacted to make RNA molecules that could self-replicate. Research from Harvard suggests the RNA might not have been the RNA we know today.


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