Latest Science headlines

Astronaut breaks US record: 521 days in space and counting

Astronaut Jeffrey Williams set the record over four flights, surpassing the one attained by Scott Kelly.

July was hottest month on record

Last month burst global temperature records, with scientists putting some of the blame on climate change.

The top 10 longest-living critters

More than a dozen animals live longer than we do.

Greenland shark now oldest living animal with backbone

Scientists say a gray shark was born roughly 400 years ago, and died only recently, putting the entire species at the top of the longevity list.

Study backs Pacific Coast as gateway for first migration to Americas

Researchers have found new evidence that the first Americans did not take a route hundreds of miles inland along the Rocky Mountains, as suggested by previous research.

Some millennials aren’t having sex, but the vast majority are

A study found more young people are living sexless existences than their counterparts born in the 1960s did at the same age.