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Global warming could leave us crying in our costlier beer

Add beer to chocolate, coffee, and wine as some of life’s little pleasures that global warming will make scarcer and costlier, scientists say.


Greater Boston author readings October 14-20

A weekly calendar of literary events.

Boy, are my wings tired: Study says bees took a break during total eclipse

Bees stopped flying during the total solar eclipse of August 2017, according to a new study released Wednesday, which researchers said offered a new window into how bees think.

After UN report, experts look at how to build a climate-resilient Boston

The discussion, part of the HUBweek ideas festival, was held a day after the release of a stark United Nations report on global warming.

UN report on global warming carries life-or-death warning

Preventing an extra single degree of heat could make a life-or-death difference in the next few decades for multitudes of people, a panel of scientists said.

Harvard study says wind power can also cause some warming

Ramping up wind power in America would also dial up the nation’s temperatures, a new study out of Harvard found.