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Using 3-D printers to replace a hand

Ethan Brown, 8, adjusted his Cyborg Beast hand. Materials for a prosthetic hand made on a 3-D-printer can cost as little as $20 to $50. Some specialists say they work just as well, if not better, than devices that cost much more.

Kevin Liles/New York Times

The proliferation of 3-D printers has had an unexpected benefit: The devices, it turns out, are perfect for creating inexpensive prosthetics.

// Val Fitch, 91; won Nobel in physics for Big Bang work

Mr. Fitch shared the Nobel Prize for detecting a breakdown in the overarching symmetry of physical laws.

Latest Science headlines

Astronaut cleared for next spacewalk

US astronauts will venture back out this weekend, despite a helmet water leak on their previous trip outside the ISS.

Portland, Maine

Scientists cite dramatic sea level rise off coast

Researchers say sea levels off of Portland, Maine, rose an “unprecedented” 5 inches during 2009 and 2010.

Eugenie Clark, 92; scholar more at home with sharks

Dr. Clark’s childhood rapture with fish led to a life of scholarly adventure in the littorals and depths of the Seven Seas.

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The Internationalist

// A daring plan to rebuild Syria — no matter who wins the war

With the battle still ongoing, a huge team of Syrian planners plots the restoration of Aleppo and beyond.


// Boston Globe Instagram photos

A live stream of Instagram posts from The Boston Globe photo department.