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NASA issues asteroid preparedness plan

If you think that the apocalypse might be upon us, you now have one less Earth-shattering disaster to worry about, thanks to a plan released Wednesday by NASA.

The Story Behind the Book | Kate Tuttle

Why apes are so great?

In “Theory of Bastards” two evolutionary scientists bond over their work with bonobos, our closest simian relatives.

Looking for signs of global warming? They’re all around you

Blueberry bushes near Walden Pond flower earlier. Polar bear populations in the Arctic are dwindling. Marmots in Colorado emerge from their winter slumber earlier.

US warned 30 years ago that global warming had arrived

There is plenty of evidence now that the statement by James Hansen, NASA’s top scientist, was right.

Trump tells Pentagon to create ‘Space Force’

At a meeting of his National Space Council, Trump said the new force would be an equal branch of the military.

Medium-sized black hole is seen devouring a star, UNH researchers say

A University of New Hampshire study used data by three telescopes over a decade to postulate that a radiation flare in a distant galaxy was a star being consumed by a medium-sized black hole.


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