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NASA rover finally bites the dust on Mars after 15 years

NASA’s Opportunity, the Mars rover that was built to operate for just three months but kept going and going, rolling across the rocky red soil, was pronounced dead Wednesday, 15 years after it landed on the planet.

NASA’s Opportunity rover ends its 15-year run on Mars

Opportunity was built to operate for just three months but kept going and going, setting endurance and distance records that are years, if not decades, from being broken.

Manfred Eigen, Nobel-winning chemist who clocked speeds of fast reactions, dies at 91

Mr. Eigen was credited with helping to reveal the intimate details of chemical reactions that occur within time periods so brief as to seem all but nonexistent.

A young island on Earth may reveal clues to how water shaped Mars

Four years ago, an underwater volcano erupted in the South Pacific Ocean, creating a new island. And NASA took notice.

A pill with a needle inside? Researchers say it might be the answer for insulin users

The good news is that there are no pain receptors in the stomach wall. And researchers believe the remnants of the pill would pass harmlessly through people’s systems.

2018 was the 4th warmest year on record, and scientists say it’s going to get worse

While 2018 was the fourth-warmest year on record, British meteorologists are predicting the next five years will be much hotter, maybe even record-breaking.


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