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Pulitzer Prizes won by The Boston Globe

A rundown of the Pulitzer Prizes won by the newspaper, as well as a list of Pulitzer finalists. Quotes on the winning and finalist entries from the Pulitzer board.


2012: Criticism

Awarded to Wesley Morris "for his smart, inventive film criticism, distinguished by pinpoint prose and an easy traverse between the art house and the big-screen box office." Read Wesley Morris's portfolio of winning stories.

2011: Criticism

Awarded to Sebastian Smee "for his vivid and exuberant writing about art, often bringing great works to life with love and appreciation." Read Sebastian Smee's portfolio of winning stories.


2008: Criticism

Awarded to Mark Feeney "for his penetrating and versatile command of the visual arts, from film and photography to painting." Read Mark Feeney's portfolio of winning stories.

2007: National Reporting

Awarded to Charlie Savage "for his revelations that President Bush often used 'signing statements' to assert his controversial right to bypass provisions of new laws." Read Charlie Savage's reports on President Bush's "signing statements."

2005: Explanatory Reporting

Awarded to Gareth Cook "for explaining, with clarity and humanity, the complex scientific and ethical dimensions of stem cell research." Read Gareth Cook's winning stories.

2003: Public Service

Awarded to The Boston Globe "for its courageous, comprehensive coverage of sexual abuse by priests, an effort that pierced secrecy, stirred local, national and international reaction and produced changes in the Roman Catholic Church." Read stories from the series.

2001: Criticism

Awarded to Gail Caldwell "for her insightful observations on contemporary life and literature."

1997: Commentary

Awarded to Eileen McNamara "for her many-sided columns on Massachusetts people and issues."

1996: Criticism

Awarded to Robert Campbell "for his knowledgeable writing on architecture."

1985: Feature Photography

Awarded to Stan Grossfeld "for his series of photographs of the famine in Ethiopia and for his pictures of illegal aliens on the Mexican border."


1984: Local Investigative Specialized Reporting

Awarded to Kenneth Cooper, Joan Fitz Gerald, Jonathan Kaufman, Norman Lockman, Gary Mc Millan, Kirk Scharfenberg, and David Wessel "for their series examining race relations in Boston, a notable exercise in public service that turned a searching gaze on some the city's most honored institutions including The Globe itself."

1984: Spot News Photography

Awarded to Stan Grossfeld "for his series of unusual photographs which reveal the effects of war on the people of Lebanon."

1983: National Reporting

Awarded to The Boston Globe for "its balanced and informative special report on the nuclear arms race."

1980: Local Investigative Specialized Reporting

Awarded to Stephen A. Kurkjian, Alexander B. Hawes Jr., Nils Bruzelius, Joan Vennochi, and Robert M. Porterfield of the Globe Spotlight Team for articles on Boston's transit system. Read stories from the Globe investigation.

1980: Commentary

Awarded to Ellen H. Goodman.

1980: Criticism

Awarded to William A. Henry III for critical writing about television.

1977: Editorial Cartooning

Awarded to Paul Szep.

1975: Public Service

Awarded to The Boston Globe for "its massive and balanced coverage of the Boston school desegregation crisis."

1974: Editorial Cartooning

Awarded to Paul Szep.

1972: Local Investigative Specialized Reporting

Awarded to Timothy Leland, Gerard M. O'Neill, Stephen A. Kurkjian, and Ann Desantis for "their exposure of widespread corruption in Somerville, Massachusetts."

1966: Public Service

Awarded to The Boston Globe for "its campaign to prevent confirmation of Francis X Morrissey as a Federal District Judge in Massachusetts." Read clips from the series of reports.



2009: Criticism

Sebastian Smee named a finalist for "his fresh, accessible and energetic reviews on the New England art scene, creating for readers a sense of discovery even as he provides discerning analysis."

2008: Explanatory Reporting

Beth Daley named a finalist for "her evocative exploration of how global warming affects New Englanders, from ice fishermen to blueberry farmers."

2007: Local Reporting

The Boston Globe named a finalist for "its well documented exposure, in print and online, of unscrupulous debt collectors, causing two firms to close and prompting action by state officials."

2004: Beat Reporting

Ellen Barry named a finalist for "her fresh, thoroughly reported and powerfully written stories about neglected people with mental health problems in Massachusetts."

2004: Feature Writing

Patricia Wen named a finalist for "her story chronicling more aggressive efforts by states to terminate the rights of parents."

2002: Beat Reporting

Patrick Healy named a finalist for "his reporting on education, including a compassionate examination of student suicides at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and revelations of grade inflation at Harvard University, coverage that spawned reforms."

2002: Feature Writing

Ellen Barry named a finalist for "her empathetic and illuminating portrait of teenaged Sudanese boys resettled in the U.S. who must engage with American culture."

2001: Commentary

Derrick Z. Jackson named a finalist for "his perceptive, versatile columns on such subjects as politics, education and race."


1999: Public Service

The Boston Globe named a finalist for "the work of Dolores Kong and Robert Whitaker that disclosed how, for decades, psychiatric researchers callously performed drug experiments on mentally ill patients."

1999: Criticism

Gail Caldwell named a finalist "her compelling observations on books and popular culture."

1999: Feature Photography

Bill Greene named a finalist for "his inspirational images that trace the work of Donald Anderson, a descendent of slaves, who helps the residents of poor Southern communities assume civic responsibility and improve their lives."

1998: Commentary

Patricia Smith named a finalist for "her lyrical and evocative columns on an assortment of urban topics."

1997: Investigative Reporting

The Boston Globe named a finalist for "its expose of abuse of disability benefits by retired public employees, prompting reform of the Massachusetts pension system."

1997: Feature Photography

Michele McDonald named a finalist for "her photographs of a woman with terminal breast cancer preparing for her death."

1996: Criticism

Gail Caldwell named a finalist for "her insightful reviews and comments on books and the literary scene."

1996: Feature Photography

Stan Grossfeld named a finalist for "his photographs documenting how the lives of two teenagers were transformed by the birth of their child."

1995: National Reporting

David Shribman named a finalist for "his analytical reporting on Washington developments and the national scene."

1994: Feature Writing

Mark Feeney named a finalist for "his provocative profile of former President Richard Nixon."

1994: Feature Photography


Stan Grossfeld named a finalist for "'The Exhausted Earth,' a year-long series depicting the social, medical and environmental crises caused by the depletion of natural resources.

1993: Criticism

Gail Caldwell named a finalist for "her literary and social criticism."

1993: Feature Photography

Yunghi Kim named a finalist for "her photographs of the famine, war and American relief efforts in Somalia."

1991: National Reporting

Bruce D. Butterfield named a finalist for "his series describing child labor abuses in nine states."

1991: Feature Writing

Wil Haygood named a finalist for "three illuminating portraits of African-American life."

1991: Editorial Writing

Martin F. Nolan named a finalist for "his editorial series 'Why Politics Stinks,' which called for reform of the nation's troubled political system."

1990: Feature Photography

John Tlumacki named a finalist for "photographs of East and West Germans celebrating the collapse of the Berlin Wall."

1985: General News Reporting

Jonathan Kaufman named a finalist for "his series on neighborhood activism in Boston"

1985: Commentary

Martin F. Nolan named a finalist.

1985: Criticism

Margaret Manning named a finalist for her book reviews.

1981: Editorial Writing

Kirk Scharfenberg named a finalist.

1981: Editorial Cartooning

Paul Szep named a finalist.

1980: Editorial Writing

Bruce C. Davidson, Thomas N. Oliphant, and Anne C. Wyman named finalists

1980: Editorial Cartooning

Paul Szep named a finalist.