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Our mission: Why we do what we do

The truth matters. At the end of the day it may be the only thing that matters. Finding it is our job, and our pledge to anyone who takes the time to read or watch or listen to what we’ve found out.

The work is rarely easy. Plenty of us obsess over it. We skip meals and miss sleep because we believe it’s important. That goes for everybody who’s become a part of this enterprise — software developers, social media specialists, people who work with sound and moving images. They could make more money working somewhere else.

On the walls in a quiet part of our building hang 26 framed certificates for Pulitzer Prizes, earned over the course of a half century. Each represents brave, smart, hard work done in the belief that the truth is worth getting, often in defiance of powerful interests. They remind us of our role and urge us to fulfill it aggressively. That is true always, but especially so now.

We can’t, however, do this work without you. Please support our journalism.

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