ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - A controversial judicial commission has ruled that Pakistan’s former ambassador to the United States secretly approached the Obama administration last year requesting help to stave off a possible military coup.

After five months of politically charged hearings that centered on the former diplomat, Husain Haqqani, the commission submitted its findings to the Supreme Court on Tuesday. The court then issued an order for Haqqani to return to Pakistan from the United States, where he is teaching at Boston University. Legal experts said he could face treason charges.

The commission’s findings are likely to reignite tensions between Pakistan’s top civilian leaders and army generals that in January led to rumors of a possible military coup.


The judges’ actions are certain to lead to more trouble for President Asif Ali Zardari, who is seen as close to Haqqani. Zardari is already engaged in several legal battles with the court and stands accused of ultimately approving the supposed covert approach to the Obama administration.

State media said the commission had determined that Haqqani was responsible for a secret memo sent in May 2011 to Admiral Mike Mullen, seeking US help to avert a possible military takeover in Pakistan.

Haqqani is accused of offering to help make Pakistan’s military leadership more amenable to US priorities in return for President Obama’s assistance in preventing a coup.