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Palestinian access closed to key site

JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu closed roads leading to a strategic West Bank site Saturday in preparation to remove Palestinians who pitched tents there to protest plans to build a Jewish housing project. Activists entered the E-1 area Friday saying they planned for a community to stop Israeli settlement.


2 candidates face presidential runoff

PRAGUE — A former leftist prime minister and the Czech Republic’s conservative foreign minister will face each other in a presidential runoff this month after finishing Saturday as the top two candidates. Former Prime Minister Milos Zeman and Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg will compete for the post Jan. 25-26.


46 bodies found after landslide

BEIJING — Disaster teams recovered the bodies of 46 people, including 19 children, who were buried by a landslide that swept over a village in mountains of southern China, officials said Saturday. A landslide covered 14 homes in Zhaojiagou in Yunnan Province.


Volcano eruption creates lake of lava


MOSCOW — A volcano erupting in Russia’s Far East sent plumes of gas and ash high into the sky and created a lava lake, officials said Saturday. Plosky Tolbachik volcano is in Kamchatka, hundreds of miles from residential areas.