Jordan’s Islamists, opposition rally against vote

AMMAN, Jordan — Hundreds of Jordanian Islamists, youth activists, and other opposition groups rallied Friday in Amman, calling for a boycott of next week’s parliamentary elections.

The demonstration came just five days before the vote, which will for the first time see a prime minister emerge from among the winning candidates rather than by appointment by the king. King Abdullah II has said the elections crown two years of reforms he initiated to stave off massive Arab Spring-type of protests that have already toppled four longtime rulers in the region.

Friday’s peaceful demonstration drew about 1,300 Muslim Brotherhood members and others united in the boycott campaign and in demands that the king cede some of his powers and give Parliament more say in the country.


Holding up small yellow cards mimicking a judge’s warning to players in soccer games, the protesters chanted: ‘‘Freedom, freedom. This is not a royal gift, but our right.’’

Associated Press