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Benjamin Netanyahu gives nod to peace talks


‘JERUSALEM — Israel’s president asked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday to form the next government, and Netanyahu pledged that his new administration will be committed to advancing peace talks with the Palestinians. A majority of newly elected lawmakers recommended Netanyahu as prime minister-designate. He has six weeks to form a coalition government. (AP)


5 suspects plead not guilty in rape

NEW DELHI — Five men pleaded not guilty Saturday after being formally indicted in a special court on 13 charges, including rape and murder, in the fatal gang rape of a woman in a New Delhi bus, a lawyer said. The court will begin hearing witnesses on Tuesday. (AP)


N.Y. woman found dead, report says

ANKARA — Turkey’s state-run news agency said a missing New York City woman has been found dead in Istanbul, and police have detained nine people in the case. Sarai Sierra, a 33-year-old mother of two, went missing while vacationing alone in Istanbul. She was last heard from Jan. 21, the day she was scheduled to be back at home. Her body was found Saturday in a low-income district. (AP)