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    Iran says it has captured foreign drone

    TEHRAN— Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said Saturday that it captured a foreign unmanned aircraft in a military exercise in southern Iran. General Hamid Sarkheili said the Guard’s electronic warfare unit spotted signals indicating foreign drones were trying to enter Iranian airspace. Sarkheili said Guard experts took control of a drone’s navigation system. (AP)


    North warns US on military exercises

    SEOUL — North Korea warned the top US military commander in South Korea that if the United States pressed ahead with joint military exercises with South Korea next month, it could set off a war in which US forces would ‘‘meet a miserable destruction.’’ The warning came as the US and South
    Korean militaries planned Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint war games set to begin
    early next month. (New York Times)


    65 Islamist rebels are killed in Mali

    N’DJAMENA — The Chadian army said its troops killed 65 Islamist extremist rebels and destroyed five vehicles in fighting in northern Mali. Chadian military said Saturday that 13 soldiers were also killed and six were wounded in northern ­Mali battles. Chad has deployed 1,800 troops in Mali as part of a French-led military intervention to wrest control of the region from the Islamist radicals linked to Al Qaeda. (AP)