Afghan insurgents kill 17 soldiers

KABUL — Taliban insurgents killed as many as 17 ­Afghan National Army soldiers in northern Badakhshan Province, an area that has been quiet and far from insurgent strongholds until recent months, Afghan officials said Wednesday.

The violence began when a supply convoy was ambushed by the insurgents Sunday, with one soldier killed and 22 ­others captured in the rugged Warduj district, according to Abdul Marouf Rasikh, spokesman for the provincial governor in Badakhshan.

Negotiations using tribal ­elders as go-betweens were carried out and six of the soldiers were released alive, but another 16 were executed, Rasikh said. Their bodies were turned over to the authorities by the same elders, he said.


If the death toll is accurate, it was one of the deadliest ­recent attacks on soldiers.

New York Times