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Venezuela to vote April 14 for Chavez successor


Presidential vote set for April 14

CARACAS — Venezuela’s electoral council has set a presidential election for April 14 to choose the successor to Hugo Chavez. Acting President Nicolas Maduro will run as the ruling party candidate. Henrique Capriles is expected to run again for the opposition. Capriles lost to Chavez in an October election. Chavez later anointed Maduro as his chosen successor before surgery in December for the cancer that led to his death Tuesday. (AP)

South Africa

Mandela hospital
stay called routine

JOHANNESBURG — Nelson Mandela, the former South African president, was admitted to a hospital on Saturday for a scheduled medical checkup and doctors say there is no cause for alarm, the president’s office said. Officials have used similarly soothing language to explain previous hospital stays for the 94-year-old Mandela, but in those cases he later turned out to have more serious conditions. (AP)