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Italian president elected for second term

ROME — In a bid to quiet growing political chaos, Italian lawmakers elected President Giorgio Napolitano for a second term Saturday, turning to the 87-year-old statesman as the last best hope to break the deadlock. The move raised the possibility that Napolitano could preside over the creation of a broad-based coalition after inconclusive national elections in February. (New York Times)


Families reject Israeli payments

ISTANBUL — As Israeli and Turkish officials prepared for talks Monday to restore relations, which have been frozen since Israel’s raid on a Turkish-led flotilla to Gaza, relatives of the nine people killed in the raid said Saturday that they would reject the compensation promised by Israel until it fully removes restrictions on the movement of goods and people in Gaza. (New York Times)


Mubarak remains jailed despite order

CAIRO — A court Saturday ordered the release of Egypt’s deposed President Hosni Mubarak, pending further investigation into corruption charges, but he will continue to be imprisoned on two other corruption cases. Mubarak has been in detention since 2011 and is in Tora prison in Cairo. (AP)


Protesters block access to camp

AMMAN — Demonstrators restricted access to the region’s largest camp of Syrian refugees for several hours Saturday, delaying water delivery, after a riot in the camp injured 10 Jordanian security officers, one critically. (New York Times)