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Sudan sheltering Kony, group says

KAMPALA, Uganda — ­Fugitive African warlord ­Joseph Kony recently found haven in territory controlled by Sudan, a watchdog group said Friday, accusing the Sudanese military of offering aid to commanders of the Lord’s ­Resistance Army.

US-based Resolve said in a report that Kony recently directed killings from an enclave protected by the Sudanese military. Until this year, according to the report, Kony and some commanders were operating in Kafia Kingi, a disputed area along the Sudan-South Sudan border where African Union troops do not have access.

“The enclave is currently controlled by Sudan, and numerous eyewitness reports indicate that elements of the Sudanese Armed Forces in ­Kafia Kingi have actively sheltered senior LRA commanders there and provided them with limited material support,” the report said. “Kony himself first traveled to the Kafia Kingi enclave in 2010. He returned to Kafia Kingi in 2011 and was present there throughout parts of 2012.”


Kony “continued to direct LRA attacks against civilians in neighboring countries and issue new orders.”

The Ugandan military — with support from US military advisers — is the driving force behind the hunt for Kony.


Associated Press