Bombing attacks near capital kill 23

BAGHDAD — A suicide bombing inside a Shi’ite mosque during evening prayers and other attacks north of Baghdad killed 23 people in Iraq on Saturday. The attacks are the latest in a wave of killing that has claimed more than 2,000 lives since April. It is the bloodiest and most sustained spate of violence to hit Iraq since 2008. The deadliest attack occurred when a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a Shi’ite mosque in he village of Sabaa al-Bour, 20 miles from north of Baghdad. It killed 14 and wounded 32 . (AP)


Eight face charges in Syria terror case

MADRID — Eight suspected jihadist militants who formed part of a terrorist recruitment network that sent 50 militants to conduct attacks for Al Qaeda-linked groups in Syria have been arrested, said Spain’s interior minister. Jorge Fernandez Diaz said the arrests Friday in Ceuta had disbanded and ‘‘neutralized’’ the network. Fernandez Diaz said those who went to Syria had fought the regime of President Bashar Assad. (AP)


Hamas executes 2 for spying for Israel

GAZA CITY — The Hamas authorities in Gaza on Saturday executed two Palestinians convicted of providing information to Israel, raising to 16 the number of Gazans executed by the Islamic militant group for spying or other crimes since it took control of the Palestinian territory in 2007. The Hamas-run Interior Ministry said in a statement that the two informants, ages 43 and 49, were hanged Saturday on charges of “spying for a hostile foreign party and attempted murder.” (New York Times)



New naval toast is gender-neutral

LONDON — Britain’s Royal Navy said it is dropping the traditional sailors’ toast to ‘‘our wives and sweethearts,’’ replacing the language with a gender-neutral reference to ‘‘our families.’’ The military said the Saturday night toast was being updated to ‘‘reflect cultural changes’’ in the navy, which has included female sailors for more than two decades. The Tuesday toast to “our men’’ will now be to “our sailors.’’ (AP)