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Two Egyptian rail workers guilty in fatal crash


Two rail workers guilty in fatal crash

ASSUIT— An Egyptian court sentenced two railway workers to 10 years in prison for a train crash that killed 52 people when a bus carrying children was hit last November. They were found guilty of manslaughter and endangerment of public transit. Each man was also fined $14,000. (AP)


Gay activists jailed over illegal protest

MOSCOW — Russian police arrested gay rights activists and Russian nationalists who confronted them at a rally Saturday that was declared illegal under a new law. St. Petersburg officials said the rally, which occurred in a spot designated for protests, violated the law. (AP)


Christian girl flees because of threats

ISLAMABAD — A Christian girl accused of burning the Koran in a case that focused global attention on Pakistan’s blasphemy laws has moved to Canada because of security concerns, her lawyer said Saturday. (AP)