Pakistan keeps ex-president in jail

ISLAMABAD — Just a day after he was granted bail in a case that was expected to release him from nearly six months of house arrest, police on Thursday once again arrested former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf, said his spokesman and lawyer.

The former general has faced a roller-coaster ride of legal troubles ever since his return to the nation in March after four years in self-exile.

Musharraf appeared to get a respite from his legal problems Wednesday when a court granted him bail in one of three cases in which he had been held. Since he had already been granted bail in the other two cases, he would be allowed to go free, said his lawyers at the time.


But Musharraf spokesman said before he even had a chance to go free, police arrested him Thursday for an alleged role in the death of a radical cleric killed in a raid on a mosque in 2007.