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African Union opposes prosecuting leader

ADDIS ABABA— The African Union will not allow a sitting head of state to be prosecuted by an international tribunal, the body’s chairman said Saturday, in a warning that it hopes to stop the crimes against humanity trial about to begin in the Hague against President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya. African countries accuse the International Criminal Court of disproportionately targeting African leaders. (AP)


Venezuela escorts US-chartered ship

GEORGETOWN — A ship carrying five American oil workers was taken to shore after Venezuela intercepted the US-chartered vessel in disputed waters off the coast of Guyana, a move that threatens to revive a decades-old territorial dispute between two Latin American countries. The 285-foot survey research vessel was conducting a seismic study when it was detained by an armed Venezuelan navy vessel and ordered to sail under escort to Margarita Island. (AP)


Explosion kills 19 at fireworks plant

HANOI — An explosion Saturday at a military-run fireworks factory in northern Vietnam killed at least 19 workers and injured dozens of others. The provincial health department said the morning explosion injured more than 90 workers, many of them seriously. (AP)