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Boulder hits train in France, killing 2 passengers

PARIS — An enormous boulder hurtled off a mountain and smashed into a tourist train in the French Alps on Saturday, derailing it on the mountainside and killing two passengers, officials said. Nine people were injured. The force of the boulder caved in the side of the train, which takes a leisurely three hours to travel about 93 miles from Nice to Dignes-les-Bains. (AP)


Fisherman dies after shark attack

ADELAIDE — A man was killed by a shark on Saturday while spear fishing with friends off the south Australian coast. The 28-year-old was part of a group spear fishing off Yorke Peninsula, west of the South Australia state capital of Adelaide, when witnesses reported seeing a shark attack him at midday, police said. Rescuers searched the area near Goldsmith Beach with boats and helicopters, but found no trace of the man. (AP)


Protests subside after palace burned

SARAJEVO— Bosnians swept up the rubble Saturday after protesters set fire to the presidential building and other government buildings in the country’s worst social unrest since its devastating war. A few hundred people continued to protest peacefully in the capital, Sarajevo, and other cities, angry about the nation’s almost 40 percent unemployment rate and rampant corruption. Local officials promised to make changes. (AP)