Militant injured in targeted Israeli strike

JERUSALEM — The Israeli military said it carried out an airstrike early Sunday against a Palestinian militant in Gaza responsible for firing rockets into Israel. Medical officials in Gaza reported that the target of the strike, who was riding a motorcycle, was critically wounded and a bystander was hurt as well.

The airstrike, the third against a militant in Gaza in three weeks, was a return to the practice known in Israel as “targeted killing,” which had all but halted after a cease-fire 14 months ago ended a round of fierce cross-border fighting.

The resumption of such strikes comes amid an increase in rocket fire by small radical groups in Gaza, as well as Israeli retaliatory airstrikes against facilities associated with militant groups and clashes along the Israel-Gaza border fence.


The target of the airstrike was Abdallah Kharti, a senior member of the Popular Resistance Committees, according to the Israeli military and a statement from the group.

New York Times