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Officials may let Doctors Without Borders stay in Myanmar

YANGON — A day after Doctors Without Borders announced it was being expelled from Myanmar, the government said Saturday that negotiations with the group were ongoing and that it may be allowed to resume operations everywhere but Rakhine, a state plagued by bloody bouts of sectarian violence. The group said it welcomed the news, but added that it remained concerned about the tens of thousands of people who remain in camps. (AP)


Crime boss shot in street ambush

DUBLIN — Ireland’s most notorious crime boss — widely blamed for the murder of investigative reporter Veronica Guerin — was shot in a Dublin ambush, but may have survived because he wore body armor. John Gilligan has been at risk of assassination by rivals since his 2013 parole from prison. Police said 61-year-old Gilligan was shot three times at close range when he answered the door at his brother’s west Dublin home Saturday night. (AP)


New government leaders installed

CAIRO — Egypt’s new interim government was sworn in Saturday, a lightly reshuffled Cabinet that keeps powerful ministers in charge of the country’s security and military services before the presidential election. The new Cabinet retains Field Marshal Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, an expected candidate for the presidency, as defense minister. (AP)


Carnival parties attract thousands


RIO DE JANEIRO — Streets across Brazil were swamped with Carnival revelers Saturday, with the largest parties attracting more than 1 million merrymakers. In Rio de Janeiro, the city’s tourism officials said the bash hit fever pitch before noon. (AP)