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TEHRAN — A senior Iranian cleric on Friday called divorce parties a ‘‘satanic’’ Western import and a ‘‘poison’’ for Islamic society.

Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani, Tehran’s Friday prayer leader, was referring to the Western phenomenon of holding parties to celebrate the dissolving of a marriage, a practice that has recently emerged in the Islamic republic.

Kashani told worshipers that marriage is a sacred bond and that Western practices like divorce parties undermine family values.

Iranian media in recent days have reported on extravagant preparations for such parties, including black roses and cakes.

‘‘Unfortunately, divorce parties are being organized as of recently. . . . This is very dangerous. It’s a poison for the Islamic civilization and society,’’ Kashani said in his Friday prayer sermon.


‘‘Men and women who hold divorce parties are definitely satanic,’’ he added.

Kashani urged young people to avoid adopting Western practices and to protect their local cultural achievements and traditions.

Associated Press