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Afghan military flights crash, killing 2

KABUL — Afghan officials reported two crashes of military flights Monday, one involving a small plane and the other a transport helicopter.

The disclosures came as the NATO coalition in Afghanistan identified those killed in a NATO helicopter crash the day before as two British service members, two Americans, and one French contractor.

The recent string of military crashes — officials say none involved enemy fire — comes at a time when transport flights have taken on increased importance in Afghanistan as widespread Taliban offensives have choked off many of the country’s major roadways.

Two pilots were killed and five passengers were injured Monday when a small Afghan military plane struck a mountain ridge while delivering the body of a deceased soldier in Bamian province, officials said. And in the province of Logar, a transport helicopter carrying Afghan troops between districts made an emergency landing that left two crew members injured.


In a separate development Monday, an Afghan official said a female UN worker was shot and killed while traveling to work in the city of Kandahar, the Associated Press reported.

The government has said 13 of the country’s 34 provinces have faced intense fighting over the last six months.