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Israel to hold Palestinian journalist for four months without trial

RAMALLAH, West Bank — Israel’s military on Monday ordered a well-known Palestinian journalist to be held for four months without charges or trial, in so-called administrative detention.

The military said Omar Nazzal is being held on suspicion of ‘‘unlawful activity’’ for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a small PLO faction that has been labeled a terrorist organization by Israel.

Nazzal’s lawyer, Mahmoud Hassan, said he believes his client, a leading member of the Palestinian journalists’ union, is being targeted because of his political activism.

Hassan noted that under the system of administrative detention, the defense is not shown any alleged evidence against a detainee.


Nazzal, 53, has been in Israeli custody since he was seized at an Israeli-run crossing between the West Bank and Jordan last month, while traveling to a meeting of the European Federation of Journalists.

Associated Press