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Scores reported dead after militant attack in South Sudan

South Sudan

Civil war fears rise as scores are killed

JUBA — Soldiers have brought scores of bodies to a hospital in South Sudan’s capital after militant gunfire erupted throughout Juba, a doctor at the hospital said Saturday, as panicked residents worried of a return to civil war. The gunfire began as President Salva Kiir was meeting Friday with former rebel leader Riek Machar. One doctor estimated 110 bodies, both soldiers and civilians. (AP)


400,000 evacuated as storm hits land

BEIJING — Typhoon Nepartak weakened to a strong tropical storm Saturday as it lashed China’s east coast, bringing powerful winds and heavy rains that toppled houses and inundated roads. No deaths were reported. (AP)


Rockets kill 44 despite cease-fire

DAMASCUS — Syria’s military said Saturday it would extend its own cease-fire for three days. The military had declared a nationwide cease-fire for the Eid al-Fitr holiday July 6, but it had little impact on the ground as progovernment forces choked off the supply route to opposition areas in Aleppo. Rebels responded with a rocket barrage Friday, killing 44. (AP)



127 Srebrenica victims honored

SARAJEVO — Thousands of Bosnians raised their hands in prayer Saturday as a truck bearing 127 coffins passed through the capital on its way to Srebrenica, where the newly identified victims of Europe’s worst massacre since World War II will be buried on the 21th anniversary of the crime. The remains will be buried Monday near some 6,000 other Srebrenica victims previously found in mass graves. (AP)