Russia readies two of its most advanced submarines for launch in 2017

WASHINGTON — Two of Russia’s most advanced nuclear submarines will be launched in 2017, despite ballooning program costs and delays, according to a report by a Russian state news agency.

Vice Admiral Viktor Bursuk, deputy commander of the Russian navy, said last week that the ballistic-missile-carrying, Borei-class Prince Vladimir and the Yasen-M attack boat Kazan ‘‘will be floated out’’ by the end of next year. While there had been reports that the vessels would be delayed, Bursuk said the navy expects to take possession of the vessels ‘‘within the time limits stipulated by the contract.’’

The terms ‘‘launched’’ and ‘‘floated out’’ do not necessarily mean the vessels will be ready for sea trials and commissioning. Once they move to their docks, more systems will likely need to be installed.


The Borei- and Yasen-class boats endured a tortuous development cycle as money dried up after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Washington Post