Christine Archibald had plans to be married.
Christine Archibald had plans to be married. LONDON METROPOLITAN POLICE/EPA

LONDON — One of the seven victims of the weekend terrorist attack in London had been publicly identified Monday, along with two of the attackers.

The British government does not release the names of the dead until the postmortems are concluded, so the identification of victims at this stage is left to the families.


■  Christine Archibald: Archibald, a 30-year-old Canadian living in the Netherlands, had come to London with her fiancé for a romantic weekend and was walking across London Bridge Saturday when a white van veered off the road, smashing into her.

Archibald was the first of the victims to be publicly identified, and her final moments were recounted in a Facebook post by the brother of her fiancé, Tyler Ferguson. Ferguson’s sister said Archibald died at the scene in her fiancé’s arms.


“They were not married yet,” the sister, Cassie Ferguson Rowe, said in an interview on Facebook Messenger. “They were in the midst of planning their wedding, and future together.”

Archibald, known as Crissy, had worked at a homeless shelter in Canada before moving to the Netherlands with Ferguson, who is also Canadian and had moved to The Hague for work. Her family urged people to volunteer their time and labor or to donate to a homeless shelter in her memory.

■  James McMullan: The sister of McMullan, a missing 32-year-old man, said he is believed to have died in the attacks. Melissa McMullan told Sky News that police said her brother’s bank card was found on one of the bodies after the attack.

McMullan says her brother lived in Hackney in East London and was last seen outside a pub just before the van and knife attacks began.