German Islamic Extremist Is Convicted of Supporting Terror Group

BERLIN — A German court on Wednesday sentenced one of the country’s best-known Islamic extremists to more than five years in prison for raising money and recruiting people for the Islamic insurgency in Syria.

The Düsseldorf state court found the man, Sven Lau, 36, guilty of “serving as a contact for those willing to leave the country and fight” with the Army of Emigrants and Helpers, known by the Arabic acronym JAMWA, which is close to the Islamic State group.

Lau supplied the group with money he had collected in Germany and military materials, including night-vision goggles. He was given a sentence of five years and six months in prison, which the judge said reflected the severity of the crime, despite Lau’s lack of a criminal record.


Lau’s lawyer argued that the prosecution built its case on the testimony of a notorious liar.

new york times