Man drives car toward French soldiers; no terror link

PARIS — A man drove his car toward a group of French soldiers out on a Thursday morning jog, but suddenly swerved to avoid hitting them, a prosecutor said, dismissing any link with terrorism.

After a brief police manhunt, a man and a woman were arrested in the Isere region, a police official said.

The official said the woman, arrested in Echirolles, a suburb of Grenoble, in southeast France, was the owner of the car. The man was apprehended in Grenoble.

No injuries were reported.

‘‘We are very clearly not dealing with a case of terrorism,’’ Grenoble prosecutor Jean-Yves Coquillat said.


The man has a long record of petty crime with 25 convictions and was twice imprisoned for a total of four years. But he shows no sign of Islamic radicalization, Coquillat said.

At least four soldiers from the 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade had appeared to be targeted by the car, according to the brigade’s chief Colonel Alain Didier.

associated press