Six dead in assault on executive palace

MOGADISHU — Security forces shot three extremists to death Saturday, foiling an attempted terrorist attack on the presidential palace that began with a car bombing. Six people were dead in all, including a suicide car bomber, police said. The al-Shabab militant group claimed responsibility. The confrontation came a week after an attack on the Interior Ministry that killed nine people, raising new questions about security in Somalia’s capital. (AP)


Evidence growing in poison inquiry

LONDON — British police said Saturday they have found more than 400 items as part of their investigation into the June poisoning of two Britons by the nerve agent Novichok. A day earlier, police found a bottle believed to be the source of the nerve agent that killed Dawn Sturgess and sickened Charlie Rowley in Amesbury. Britain blames the Russian government for the March poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter, who survived. (AP)



Eritrea leader visits former rival nation

ADDIS ABABA — To dancing and cheers, Eritrea’s longtime president arrived Saturday in Ethiopia for his first visit in 22 years amid a diplomatic thaw between the former rivals. ‘‘This is a historic day for all of us,’’ President Isaias Afwerki said. Thousands turned out in Addis Ababa under tight security to welcome Isaias, whose visit is the latest step in ending a long state of war. Ethiopia’s reformist prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, visited Eritrea’s capital last weekend. (AP)


Massive iceberg parks near village

INNAARSUIT — A huge iceberg is looming over the tiny Arctic village of Innaarsuit, raising fears that a chunk might tumble into the ocean and unleash an enormous wave. Thirty-three people have been moved farther inland and people have been advised to get their boats out of the way. The berg is roughly 650 feet wide and 300 feet tall, and weighs up to 11 million tons. Officials are hoping southerly winds and high tides will carry it away. (New York Times)