At least 10 Iranian troops killed in attack near Iraq border


10 soldiers killed near Iraqi border

TEHRAN — At least 10 Iranian border guards were killed by unidentified gunmen near the Iraqi border, Iranian media reported Saturday. The attack took place the night before near Marivan, about 385 miles west of Tehran. The dead were Revolutionary Guard members. The semiofficial Fars news agency said several attackers were killed. The military has previously clashed with Kurdish separatists and Islamic State fighters in the area. (AP)


US man convicted for joining protest

HANOI — A Vietnamese court convicted an American man of disturbing public order after he took part in a rare protest, and ordered him deported. William Nguyen, of Houston, was arrested June 10 during protests in Ho Chi Minh City against a proposed law on economic zones that many say would benefit Chinese investors. Officials said Nguyen was given a lenient sentence Friday after admitting to the violation. (AP)



More rebels escape battle in southwest

DAMASCUS — A new group of rebels and their families on Saturday began leaving the country’s southwest, where the government has gained ground in its ongoing offensive. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 25 buses arrived at a crossing point to remove rebels who refused to accept the government’s return to areas they had controlled for years. A day earlier, the first group left to the northern province of Idlib. (AP)


Muslim is lynched over cow smuggling

NEW DELHI — A Muslim man was beaten to death by a mob in western India over allegations of smuggling cows, police said Saturday, despite calls by the country’s highest court for immediate steps to stop deadly mob violence across the country. Cows are considered sacred in Hindu-majority India, and slaughtering them or eating beef is illegal or restricted across much of the country. The mob found two men bring cows home Friday in Rajasthan state, but one escaped. (AP)


Police raid houseof aide to Macron

PARIS — Police on Saturday raided the house of one of President Emmanuel Macron’s top security aides, who was caught on camera beating a protester in May. Alexandre Benalla’s involvement in the beating and questions about the government’s handling of it is turning into Macron’s biggest political crisis since he took office last year. Benalla was fired by the president a day before the raid in the Paris suburb of Issy-Les-Moulineaux. (AP)