A couple denied being neo-Nazis, but their photo of baby ‘Adolf’ with a swastika proved otherwise


Claudia Patatas and Adam Thomas had long denied being leading members of the white power group National Action, which is banned in Britain. But their family photos suggested otherwise.

There is the one of Patatas holding their newborn while Thomas holds a flag emblazoned with the Nazi swastika.

And there’s one of Thomas cradling the baby boy; the child is wearing polka-dot footie pajamas, his father the sort of hooded robe favored by Ku Klux Klansmen.

There is also the middle name that the couple chose to give to their son: Adolf.

At the end of a seven-week trial in Birmingham Crown Court, Thomas and Patatas were convicted of terrorism charges after leading not-so-secret double lives. Both were found guilty Monday of being members of National Action, the extreme right-wing organization that virtually deifies Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. Thomas was also found guilty of possessing instructions to make a bomb.


Thomas and Patatas were arrested in January and charged with being members of National Action.

Washington Post