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Uganda funneled European weapons to South Sudan, breaching arms embargo, report says

NAIROBI, Kenya — A four-year field investigation by a Britain-based monitoring group has found that South Sudan’s neighbors, Uganda in particular, circumvented arms embargoes on the war-torn country, funneling European weaponry to armies on both sides of its civil war, which has displaced millions and resulted in an estimated 383,000 deaths.

The European Union has imposed an arms embargo on South Sudan since the latter’s independence in 2011. The report, published by Conflict Armament Research, shows how the South Sudanese government arranged for Uganda to provide the ‘‘end-user assurances’’ needed by weapons manufacturers in Romania, Bulgaria, and Slovakia — all EU member states — to legally sell their wares. The weapons were then ‘‘retransferred’’ to South Sudan.


Uganda’s arms trade with South Sudan has long been well known, but the report is the first to detail the provenance of some of the weaponry.