Former Vice President Al Gore said he thinks President Trump’s stance on global warming may actually advance the cause of tackling climate change.

Gore has spent years raising awareness of global warming and advocating prevention strategies. On Wednesday, at the UN climate summit in Poland, he called out the Trump administration on the subject.

‘‘It may be a perverse step forward to have Donald J. Trump as the global face of climate denial because so much of what he says is nonsense.’’

But he also said that he thinks conservative Republicans ‘‘are beginning to really worry that they’re going to be associated with that.’’


Gore also called out the Trump administration for joining Saudi Arabia last week in blocking the endorsement of a scientific report on the options governments have to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Meanwhile, an American diplomat attending the climate talks said the United States is planning to help its allies adapt to climate change.

Judith G. Garber, an assistant secretary in the State Department’s environment division, said the US also wants to help other countries cut greenhouse gas emissions and respond to natural disasters.

Unlike scientists and nearly every other speaker at the two-week summit, Garber drew no explicit links between emissions, climate change, and natural disasters.

Her comments echoed the wording of previous statements from Washington and reflected the views of Trump, who has questioned whether climate change is man-made.

Garber restated the US intention to withdraw from the landmark Paris climate accord on curbing climate change ‘‘absent the identification of terms that are more favorable to the American people.’’