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Clashes erupt as Sudanese march on presidential palace

CAIRO — Police used tear gas and fired in the air Tuesday to disperse thousands of protesters attempting to march on the presidential palace to demand that Omar Bashir, Sudan’s president of 29 years, step down, according to activists and video clips posted online. Organizers say hundreds were injured and at least eight were shot.

The clips purported to show crowds of several hundred each gathering on side roads and headed toward the palace on the bank of the Blue Nile in the heart of Khartoum. They sang patriotic songs and chanted ‘‘freedom,’’ “peaceful, peaceful against the thieves,’’ and ‘‘the people want to bring down the regime.’’ The latter was the most popular slogan of the 2010 and 2011 Arab Spring revolts.


One clip showed the seemingly lifeless body of a protester in Khartoum being carried away. The protester’s head showed a gaping wound and the voice of another protester could be heard saying he was deliberately shot by a sniper. Earlier images circulated by activists showed police snipers on rooftops near the palace ahead of the march.

Large numbers of security forces were deployed across much of Khartoum Tuesday in anticipation of the march.

Associated Press