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Spain’s far-right Vox party allies with mainstream rivals

MADRID — Spain’s far-right Vox party has staked its claim to a place in the political mainstream, dropping its more extremist positions to help form a regional government in Andalusia as far-right parties build their influence across Europe.

The anti-migrant, anti-feminist and euroskeptic party played kingmaker by supporting an alliance of the conservative Popular Party and the center-right Citizens party that is poised to end 36 years of center-left Socialist party rule in Spain’s most populated region.

Vox initially demanded the deportation of 52,000 immigrants and the scrapping of tough laws protecting women from domestic abuse in return for its 12 votes in the 109-member Andalusian parliament. But the Popular Party and Citizens party balked at those terms.


Support for the four-year-old Vox party surged in the Andalusian elections last month, making it the first far-right party to secure parliamentary seats sinceGeneral Francisco Franco’s 1975 death.