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China and Russia to hold joint navy drills next week

BEIJING — China said Thursday that it will hold joint naval drills with Russia next week, in another sign that the countries’ militaries are growing closer in the face of shared opposition to US military dominance.

The ‘‘Joint Sea 2019’’ drills will be held off the northern port city of Qingdao, Defense Ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang said at a monthly briefing. Taking place from Monday to Saturday, they will feature ships and submarines along with fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, and marine units.

Ren described the drills as ‘‘joint maritime defensive operations’’ aimed at ‘‘strengthening the two navies’ capability to commonly address maritime security threats.’’


Bonded by a common rivalry with the US, Moscow and Beijing have forged what they describe as a ‘‘strategic partnership,’’ expressing their shared opposition to the ‘‘unipolar’’ world — a term they use to describe perceived US global dominance.