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Officials says ancient gilded coffin arrived in Egypt


Gilded coffin is returned to Egypt

CAIRO — Egyptian airport officials say a gilded coffin that was featured at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art has arrived in Cairo. They say the Coffin of Nedjemankh, which investigators in New York determined to be a looted antiquity, arrived Saturday. The Metropolitan Museum of Art bought the piece from an art dealer in 2017 for about $4 million and made it the centerpiece of an exhibition. It was removed last February. The Met has apologized to Egypt. (AP)


Conservatives target LGBT pride march

WARSAW — Police used water cannons and pepper spray and detained dozens of far-right protesters who tried to disrupt an LGBT pride march Saturday in conservative eastern Poland. The clash took place during the second so-called Equality March in the city of Lublin. The event reflects the gay rights movement in Poland which has grown more vocal and met a backlash from social conservatives in the mostly Roman Catholic country. The conservative ruling party, Law and Justice, depicts the movement as a threat to Polish traditions and has made opposing gay rights a key theme ahead of Poland’s Oct. 13 general election. (AP)



Protesters decry jailing of Catalans

SABADELL — Several thousand Spaniards marched near Barcelona on Saturday to protest the jailing of seven Catalan separatists on suspicion they planned to carry out attacks with explosives. Protesters walked behind a banner that read ‘‘The repression won’t stop us. Liberty’’ as they marched through Sabadell, the hometown of some of the arrested separatists. Police said 12,000 people demonstrated. Supporters of independence for Spain’s Catalonia region claim the arrests are an attempt to criminalize a movement that’s been overwhelmingly peaceful. (AP)