BEIRUT — Iranian President Hassan Rouhani confirmed a Politico media report of a plan brokered by French President Emmanuel Macron in New York last week between Rouhani and President Trump, which would have been a basis for relaunching Iranian-American negotiations.

‘‘What is being said about France’s plan is right,’’ Rouhani said during a weekly cabinet meeting Wednesday.

Rouhani said France had prepared a plan whose ‘‘core could have been acceptable’’ because it required Iran to agree never to acquire a nuclear weapon and emphasized peace in the area and its waterways. Rouhani said Iran was already committed to both.

He also said the plan required the United States to stop all sanctions and allow oil trade, starting immediately.


The Politico report, citing French officials, said that although the US and Iranian presidents agreed on the French plan, the two leaders did not meet after Rouhani insisted that Trump first give an indication that the United States would lift sanctions on Iran.

Macron’s attempt to then set up a phone call between Rouhani and Trump failed after Rouhani declined to participate, the report said.