Macron to get hybrid car as France steps up climate fight

PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron’s government announced a raft of plans Wednesday to curb its carbon emissions, including getting a new hybrid-engine armored car for the French leader.

Other new steps include an annual bonus of $220 for civil servants who switch to bicycles or car-sharing for their rides to work.

The state will also stop buying throwaway plastics beginning in July and use at least 20 percent organic ingredients in civil servants’ canteens, a minister said after a government meeting focused on reducing the environmental footprint of France’s large state sector.

All government ministers will be switched over to electric or hybrid-engine rechargeable vehicles, and they’ll be encouraged to take trains instead of planes for nonemergency trips under four hours.


The French president is expected to announce reinforced efforts to protect the Alpine glory of Mont Blanc, western Europe’s highest peak, on Thursday.

associated press