Islamic State claims Afghan bus attack; civilians killed in new clashes

KABUL — The Islamic State group took responsibility Sunday for a deadly roadside bombing against a bus belonging to a local TV station in the Afghan capital, while renewed fighting in nearby provinces killed at least seven civilians, including a woman and several children.

In a statement on an Islamic State affiliated website, the group said Saturday’s attack in Kabul targeted a bus carrying employees of Khurshid TV, a station it described as “loyal to the Afghan apostate government.”

Two employees were killed and four wounded, said Marwa Amini, the Interior Ministry deputy spokeswoman. Two of the wounded were in critical condition Sunday, said Mohammad Rafi Sediqi, an official at the station.


Both the Taliban and the Islamic State are active in Kabul. The Islamic State has claimed recent attacks on civilian targets, while the Taliban has taken responsibility for attacking military targets.

Another roadside bomb exploded in Kabul on Sunday as a police patrol was passing by, wounding three civilians, said Tariq Arian, the Interior Ministry spokesman. No one immediately claimed responsibly for the blast.

The attacks come after a truce expired between the Taliban and Afghan security forces for the three-day Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr, which ended Tuesday. The Taliban have claimed only one attack since then.