Hey, Bill, exit left

Former President Bill Clinton kissed his wife, Hillary Clinton, on the cheek at a rally in in Hooksett, N.H., on Tuesday.

Matt Rourke/AP

Berating Bernie Sanders on Hillary Clinton’s behalf, as Bill Clinton also did in New Hampshire, doesn’t help his wife.

Michael A. Cohen

// Donald Trump proves it’s his race to lose

As good a night as it was for Trump, it was that much better when you consider what happened to the rest of the Republican field.

Opinion | Steve Almond

// How to talk to your kids about Donald Trump

An easy-to-follow guide for what to do when your young child brings up Trump.

Opinion | Alex Kingsbury

// Michael Bloomberg is the real winner in N.H.

In a year when conventions have shattered, why not a candidate who has marched to a different drum his entire career?

Michael A. Cohen

// Bloomberg possible in theory rather than fact

Even if Michael Bloomberg does choose to run, it’s far from clear that he will do well. In fact, the outcome likely would be the opposite.


// Gun ownership does not make women safer

Higher rates of gun ownership correspond to higher rates of women who are murdered by people they know.

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Alex Kingsbury

Michael Bloomberg is the real winner in N.H.

Indeed, the biggest winner from the first-in-the-nation fracas this year wasn’t even on the ballot: Michael Bloomberg.

Editorial cartoon: A limerick for Hillary Clinton

There once was a woman named Hill...

Baker’s nod to Christie had Bay Stater shaking her head

“What would compel Governor Baker to make such an endorsement in a presidential primary when doing so is not required or even expected?” — Kelsey Wirth

Feminism is not monolithic (but at least get the definition right)

“Although I also hail from the left side of the political spectrum, I would never presume to assert that there are not feminists on all sides.” — Nancy Waters

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Ideas | Ryan Hoskins

When doctors strike, fewer patients die

Research shows that the number of patient deaths goes down when doctors walk off the job.

Ideas | Ted Widmer

How Margaret Chase Smith stood up to Joseph McCarthy — and won

When the US senator from Maine stood up to McCarthy, she set in motion his eventual political demise.

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