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Mass. needs a sensible marijuana policy

Colorado and Washington have implemented marijuana initiatives similar to the one proposed on the November 2016 ballot. Pictured: James Lathrop (left), owner of the Cannabis City recreational marijuana store in Seattle, spoke with a customer.

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If passed, an initiative on the November 2016 ballot would mark an important, and long overdue, policy shift.


Republicans can’t derail Iran pact, but they can improve it

This deal is too important for politics as usual.

alex beam

Get off Twitter

Have a little self-respect and don’t participate in the drivel.


School-shooting panic goes commercial

In a never-ending game of just-in-case, companies are developing products for schools if the unthinkable happens.


Congress should empower IRS on tax-exempt enforcement

While freedom of religion is a bedrock principle of the Constitution, government agencies also need to protect citizens from fraud.

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letters | Are busy streets any place for bikes?

Lawmakers should impose safety rules for cyclists

“If motor vehicles and their drivers are required to employ safety equipment, cyclists must be as well.” — Rick Pozniak


What if the war we waged were against gun violence?

“Unfettered access to guns is killing more Americans than our enemies could ever hope to do.” — Robert Banta


When communities recover, factor racial bias into the process

“South Central LA and the Lower Ninth Ward still lag behind Hollywood and the French Quarter.” — Philip S. Hart

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Call (back) the midwife!

US doctors have monopolized childbirth and made deliveries more complicated than necessary.


Surprise! The earth has trillions more trees than we thought

A new study finds that there are 750 percent more trees than the previous best estimate.

Sexism in science leads to willful blindness

The habits of mind that once almost entirely barred women from the lab remain at work.

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