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The Angelina Jolie effect

The actress could be a powerful advocate for access to technologies and treatments that give more women a fair shot. By Janice Page

Alex Beam

Falling in love with the coyote (sort of)

I’ll bite, so to speak. As long as they don’t bite back.

Officer John Moynihan.


After shooting of Boston police officer, video keeps the peace

Intentionally or not, Police Commissioner Evans set a precedent by sharing surveillance footage with African-American civic leaders.

Passengers passed through turnstiles underneath a countdown clock at the Massachusetts Avenue station.

opinion | Robin Washington

10 things the MBTA doesn’t need to fix

Interviews with riders, advocates, critics, and management, as well as personal experience, found things that do work on the T.

Henry Clay, shown here at age 18 in an 1805 portrait, believed compromise was necessary.


Henry Clay’s lesson for today

The famous Kentucky senator can illuminate the modern political and temperamental divide in Washington.

opinion | David Nyhan

Advice for the college rejection letter recipient

For those who didn’t get into the college of their choice, a column by the late Globe columnist David Nyhan offers comforting advice.


Raise MBTA parking revenue, but not with blanket fee hike

The Pioneer Institute has made several sensible recommendations for parking and other ridership concerns.

Several business owners in Indiana, like Kristen Rupp (above), are protesting the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act  by displaying stickers that say “This Business Serves Everyone.”


Indiana’s ‘religious freedom’ law should be repealed

Business owners have found a simple response to fight back against the offensive law.

dan wasserman

Editorial cartoons by Dan Wasserman

A look at the most recent illustrated viewpoints from Globe editorial cartoonist Dan Wasserman.

Calling on Elizabeth Warren


// Democrats need her voice in 2016

While Warren has repeatedly vowed that she won’t run for president herself, she ought to reconsider.

March Madness

Derrick Z. Jackson

// Top on the courts, but Wisconsin at bottom of graduation rates

Despite what Badger boosters may say, long-term data remain the best way to gauge a school’s commitment to student athletes.

Public records in Mass.


// Time for reform

Recent rulings have made a bad situation intolerably worse.

Meet the editorial board

// A guide to Globe Opinion

Explaining the various features of the opinion pages as well as staff contact information.