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I watched the Oct. 7 video. I don’t know how anyone can say Hamas are freedom fighters.

Brutal footage of the Hamas attack was screened at Harvard, where some pro-Palestinian students have blamed Israel for the barbarous attacks.


Wu scores some important wins in new police contract

But follow-through will be critical in setting Boston policing on a new and better path.

Stephen F. Lynch

Why the US must support Ukraine with aid

The Ukrainian people deserve our continued military and humanitarian support to resist an escalating war of Russian state-sponsored terrorism that has already killed nearly 10,000 and injured almost 18,000 Ukrainian civilians.


The pages of life keep turning

You start as a young mother smiling at cross-legged children and then, a seeming minute later, you are an older person balancing a pile of books in a corner of a Children’s Room — where you don’t really belong — and the library is closing. Such is time passing without choice.


What Hamas can learn from Hanukkah

However genocidal and powerful their enemies, the Jews and the Jewish faith have endured.


Senator Angus King of Maine looks for middle ground on gun safety

Angus King leads. Will Susan Collins step up?


Police-involved shootings require more transparency, not less

Bristol district attorney’s effort to ‘outsource’ public disclosure to the POST Commission is seriously misguided.

Alex Beam

Politicians look to God and the Bible to do their heavy lifting

Is God listening? Hard to say.