Jeff Jacoby

On birth control, Obama imperiously overreaches

MUCH WAS made of the president’s supposed compromise on requiring religious institutions to pay for their employees’ contraceptives and sterilization drugs. “The new policy,’’ a White House fact sheet declared, “fully accommodates important concerns raised by religious groups.’’

But the administration hadn’t compromised at all: On the same day the White House announced its “full accommodation,’’ it formally adopted — without change — the very regulation that had triggered the backlash. The compromise turned out to be merely a promise to modify the new rule before it goes into effect next year. And the promised modification in any case is a distinction without a difference: Rather than require church-affiliated institutions to insure their employees for birth control, the feds will require church-affiliated institutions to provide their employees with health insurance that will pay for birth control. If you don’t like green eggs and ham, you can eat ham and green eggs. Some accommodation.

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